Here to help and inspire busy professionals through the often challenging process of getting your health and wellness back on track.

What do you need to do to become

the best version of yourself?

Here to help and inspire busy

professionals through the often

challenging process of getting

your health and wellness back

on track.

Do you work hard and play hard?

Do you secretly suspect your lifestyle is affecting your health and wellbeing?

If you are exhausted, bloated, overwhelmed and feeling under constant pressure, these are all signs that your body and mind are out of sync.

As a certified Integrative Nutrition Health & Wellness Coach, my Stress to Success Programme (SSP) will help you develop a balanced, sustainable self-care routine that will leave you confident, calm and in control with renewed focus and energy for life.





Stress to Success Programme

I’m a qualified Integrative Nutrition Health & Wellness Coach, with a background in finance and a tonne of first-hand experience of how high levels of stress can seriously impede your life or result in the unthinkable. Get in touch for a chat and we can:

  • Assess your current health and lifestyle
  • Clarify your goals for long term success
  • Establish result driven personalised steps to reach your goals

If stress is a major headache in your life, sitting down with me to tackle your situation will be the most productive hour you’ll spend.

The Stress to Success Program (SSP) is for driven professionals and entrepreneurs  who want to incorporate a proven system for optimum health and wellbeing, without compromising the demands of their career. It is tailored to your needs. It is not a diet.  It is a Lifestyle.  High Performance Habits.  An Attitude. 

This program is ideal for you if you would like:

  • improved sleep
  • vibrant health
  • less stress
  • increased energy
  • enhanced focus and performance

We all have stress in our lives; it’s how you deal with it that can make or break your well-being.

What is holding you back from performing at your best?

Is it stress from a heavy work load, the pressure of deadlines, management responsibilities? Would you like to have more energy, focus and feel in control of your health?  Renewed confidence and excitement for life? So you can stop….

  • feeling permanently tired and exhausted managing your busy schedule
  • Having difficulty switching off from work and getting a good nights sleep
  • Experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety
  • Struggling with health and weight issues

Your Health is your Wealth and you are your most important asset

This is true, but it’s easy to lose our way with daily pressures. What you need is a Results Driven Plan in place. I can help you get your health and wellness back on track. Think of it as an investment in yourself – You deserve it! I am here to support you. My programme Stress to Success is tailored to your needs. Together we’ll devise a plan of healthy habits you’ll want to keep with measurable goals and enduring results.

Take the first step to ditching stress and leading a vibrant life.

Valerie Green Health Coach

+353 0) 86 0473959 [email protected]