Unprocess Your Diet

I had the pleasure of chatting with Darina Allen of Ballymaloe House and Cookery School at the Ballymaloe Good Living Day event recently. We concluded our conversation with the shared view that life is complicated enough and what we really need to do is cut out processed food in out diet.
Bin it!
I am here to support you reach your goals with simple and practical lifestyle changes for a healthier, vibrant, energetic and happier life.

By avoiding these chemically induced processed foods you will already be improving your health. There is no need to count calories, cut out carbs, fats or follow any fad diets. It really is that simple.



The key is to eat high quality foods.

Organic fruits and vegetables and grass fed meats. Eat locally sourced foods too. I love to visit my local farmers market on a Saturday. You feel more of a connection to the food you are buying in an environment like this. There is usually someone playing music and the low hum of vendors and customers chatting to each other.

I aim to add 5 different vegetables in my meals every day and yes, some days more successful than others. The more colour variety the better; not only do they look more inviting, we will benefit from the different compounds they contain called phytonutrients. These compounds have a host of health benefits including reducing inflammation.

While there is much confusion and conflicting opinions on the subject, scientific research has proven that our highly processed modern diet leads to disrupted microbiome causing inflammation resulting in poor health.

So… consciously change your diet and you unconsciously change your health.

If you want advice and support in moving away from eating processed foods get in touch; we can work out a plan together.

Valerie Green Health Coach

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