As I chatted to my grandfather, one rainy and dull grey evening over a glass of sherry, he asked me to expand on a particular stressful issue I had to contend with.  With his head bowed whilst sitting in his high backed cushioned brown armchair, I rambled on tripping on my words as I was so caught up in my anxiety, trying to make sense of it all.  I thought he may have actually nodded off.  I stopped.  Sighed.  Took another sip of my sherry.  Slowly he raised his head.  Looked me straight in the eye and said “Girl, you are more than capable

In that moment I realised I can overcome this.  His words had such a profound effect on me.  I had been telling myself over and over again about the struggle I was going through and how I couldn’t figure a way out, instead of focusing on how I can face this and find a way.     Instantly my energy shifted from fear and doubt and I let go of the fear.  His confidence in me gave me the energy to receive instead of resist.

“I am more than capable” has become my mantra thanks to my grandfather.  I don’t think he will ever really understand how much that statement he said to me shifted my mindset. I have told him , thanked him and he was as cool as a cucumber.  “Good” was his reply.  As if he never doubted me.

We need to be intentional about the mantra’s and thoughts we tell ourselves. They spur us into action, helping to make the commitment and to feel excited.  My mantra allows me to let go of fear.  I am more resilient.  Now when faced with challenges I choose to believe, visualise and experience the outcome I desire.  I repeat my mantra several times over.  It’s empowering.


Valerie Green, Health and Wellness Coach, UK