If we want to make changes, we have to do the work.  But before doing the work we must work on our mindset in order to sustain lasting changes. I like to refer to it as ‘getting your head in the game’.

Now more than ever before we need to connect to our inner selves in order to make lasting healthy changes.  Many of us will have struggled to stick to a healthy lifestyle during lockdown, and during a stressful period in our lives, as we tend to seek comfort in times of uncertainty.  Constant snacking, consuming more alcohol, lack of daily movement and binging watching tv to suggest a few examples.  Poor nutrition is in itself a source of stress to the body.

It is estimated that a third of the UK population gained half a stone or more in the first couple of months of lockdown.  Since then, the dreaded Corona Stone has been thickening our midriff’s making buttoning up our jeans a thing of the past.

In my Stress to Success Program the focus is on wellbeing, movement and nutrition.  It is an integrative approach to living a healthier, happier lifestyle.  It is not just about a meal and an exercise plan. It is also not a cookie cutter approach that one size fits all.  Together we dig deep and align what works for your lifestyle.

With the right mindset, self-compassion, managing your stress and anxiety and your sleep, you will achieve your desired results.  And weight loss is a by-product of the renewed energy and focus you will have.

It is time to flick the switch and eliminate the habits that hold you back.  It is time to inject pleasure and joy back into your life.


Your health is your wealth and you are your most important asset