Delicious for lunch served with a salad or as a snack.  Perfect for vegetarians too!  I use ready made all-butter puff pastry for that extra crispiness.  It is best served hot so once out of the oven, allow it to cool for 5 mins then slice and devour.

Serves 6

1 tbsp olive oil 

1 onion chopped

1 garlic clove crushed

150g mushrooms sliced

225g baby spinach leaves

125g ricotta cheese or other soft cheese 

75g Gruyere cheese grated or other hard cheese grated

1 egg yolk 

Dash of Tabasco sauce 

250g all-butter puff pastry

1 egg beaten with 1 tbsp of milk 

A little flour for dusting 

  1. Preheat the oven to 200C and heat the oil in a frying pan.
  2. Add the onion & fry for 2 mins then cover and cook with a low heat for 10 mins until soft.
  3. Turn the heat back up and add the garlic, mushrooms & spinach. Cook for 3-4 mins until the spinach has wilted and mushrooms softened. Set aside to cool.
  4. Mix the ricotta, Gruyere cheese, egg yolk and tabasco in a bowl. Season with Salt & Pepper then stir in the cooled spinach mixture.
  5. Dust your work surface with flour and roll out the pastry into a 11×13 inch rectangle.
  6. Place the spinach mixture into the middle leaving a 1 inch gap around the edge.
  7. Brush the pastry with the egg & milk mixture then fold the ends over the filling bringing the sides up so them meet in the middle at the top. Crunch them together to seal and brush the egg mixture all over the pastry.
  8. Transfer to a lined baking sheet and bake for 30 mins until golden.