Valerie Green is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health & Wellness Coach passionate about helping those with overwhelm and stress. Valerie has worked as an Estate Agent in London, and in finance on the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange.  She is also full time Carer to her husband and mother of two children. 

Following her husband’s life changing stroke in 2016, Valerie graduated from IIN, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Her mission to help her husband regain his health and wellness has driven her desire to help others implement stress management strategies and high performance habits in order to live a balanced, happy and vibrant work and home life.

Valerie works with clients from all over the world offering bespoke 1:1 online coaching.  Her goal is to enable others avoid burnout and the serious health implications that come with it and get their health back on track through nutrition, movement and wellbeing habits for sustainable success.


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